9th International Workshop on Unilateral and Bilateral Reinnervation


6th and 7th november 2023


9th International Workshop on Unilateral and Bilateral Laryngeal Reinnervation

Prof. Jean-Paul MARIE

ENT specialist, phonosurgeon, Head and Neck surgeon

Rouen Normandy University, France.

About him

Jean-Paul Marie, MD, PhD, is a Professor and Head of the Department of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery and Audiophonology at the University Hospital in Rouen, France.

He is Head of the Rouen Normandy University team UR 3830 GRHVN: Research Team on the Ventilatory and Neurology Handicap.

He works on laryngeal reinnervation, since more than 20 years. He has regularly presented  his results at international conferences and workshops.

His main interest is in Phonosurgery, Neurolaryngology, but also interested in Otology and Skull base surgery, moreover : cranial nerves diseases, and reconstruction.

He is a member  of the European Laryngological Society, EGFL, American Neurolaryngology Study Group.  He is the past President of the French Society of Phoniatry and Laryngology.

Target audience - Public cible

Price - Prix

  • Audience limited to certified ENT specialists

  • 1500€ hands-on
  • 900€ observational

Program - Programme

From 8.00 am. to 6.30 pm. (Paris – France)

Day 1

Monday Novembre 6th

8h00 – 8h30 : Welcome and Registation (MTC)

8h30 – 9h00 : Talks (Auditorium MTC) :
– Anatomy and physiology of the larynx, applied to laryngeal reinnervation (Prof. Aude Lagier, 15’)
– Technique of the non selective unilateral reinnervation (ansa recurrent technique) (JP Marie or Kate Heathcote, 10’)
– Case n°1 presentation (JP Marie 5’)

9h00 – 10h45 : Surgery from the Operating Room (OR) : Unilateral non selective reinnervation (ansa recurrent technique) Kate Heathcote and Aude Lagier or Sophie Deneuve (OR), with interaction from the auditorium : Yakubu Karagama, JP Marie

10h45 – 11h00 : Coffee break

11h00 – 12h00 : Talks (Auditorium MTC)

– Results of the ansa-recurrent technique and indications (JPM 10’)
– Ansa-recurrent: UK experience (K Heathcote, Y Karagama 10’)
– History and principe of Selective laryngeal reinnervation in bilateral vocal fold paralysis (JP Marie 15’)
– Laryngeal diplegia, etiology, evaluation and LEMG (JPM 10’)
– Case n°2 presentation (JPM 5’)

12h00 – 13h00 : from the OR : Evaluation of diplegia with LEMG in case of laryngeal reinnervation (JPM & Jean Selim) with interaction from the auditorium : Kate Heathcote and Aude Lagier

13h00 – 14h00 : Lunch and discussion (MTC)

14h00 – 15h15 : Talks (Auditorium MTC)
– Anesthesiology for diplegia (Jean Selim – 15’)
– Anatomy of the hypoglossal branches ansa and XII TH (Frederic Crampon 15’)
– Anatomy and physiology of the phrenic nerve (JPM, 15’)
– Technique of Bilateral and selective laryngeal reinnervation (JP Marie 15’)
– Nerves suture (JPM – 10’)

15h15 – 15h30 : Group determination and travel do Dissection Lab an Microsurgery-Lab in the MTC

15h30 – 17h45 : Hands on. Group 1 : Cervical anatomy, dissection (Aude Lagier, K. Heathcote, Y. Karagama, F. Crampon, S. Deneuve) ; Group 2: nerves sutures (JP Marie, C. Maquet, P. Charnavel)

18h00 – 19h00 : For all, from the Auditorium of MTC. Synthesis, discussion.

Day 2 :

Tuesday November 7th


8h00 – 10h00 : Hands on Group 2 : Cervical anatomy, dissection (Yakubu Karagama, F Crampon, K Heathcote, JP Marie) ; Group 1 : nerve sutures (JP Marie, C Maquet, P. Charnavel)

10h15 – 13h00 : Surgery from the OR : Bilateral selective reinnervation. Nerve identification. Intralaryngeal dissection (Kate Heathcote, Aude Lagier). Auditorium : Yakubu Karagama,
JP Marie.

11h : Coffee break (during the procedure)

– Talk from A. Marronnier on “singing voice evaluation and reinnervation results” (10′)

– Talk from S. Deneuve on “choice of magnification : microscope against magnifying glasses” (10′)

– Debate on posterior commissure and PCA evaluation (A. Lagier, K. Heathcote, JP Marie) (15′)

13h00 – 14h00 : Lunch and discussion (MTC)

14h00 – 16h00 : Surgery from the OR : Bilateral selective reinnervation. Nerves sutures (JP Marie). Auditorium MTC : Kate Heathcote, Aude Lagier, Y Karagama.

16h00 – 18h00 : Talks
– Location of the motor endplates inside the PCA (Aude Lagier, 10’)
– Bilateral reinnervation, results and indications (JP Marie,20’)
– Discussions (30’)

18:15- 18:30 : Closing remarks

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